Monday, April 30, 2012

Sketch to Stuffed

Working at a preschool, I see some of the cutest drawings. Kids have a real imagination! This is definitely not a preschool project but may be fun for more of the middle schoolers. One of the little girls in our class brought in a drawing she had made at home and wanted us to hang it up. When I asked if it was for me, she immediately said no it was for Miss Keri! She is such a stinker! LOL

Here is her original drawing
Well I thought it would be such a cute idea to take it and make it into a stuffed version of her drawing. Making it come to life in a way.

Finished piece
I had to take some liberties with color since her drawing was in black and white. I used red felt for the body, purple yarn for the hair, black fabric fused on for the eyeballs. I hand sewed the eyes in place and embroidered the eyelashes and the mouth. The final touch was to add the white parts of the eyes using white fabric paint. I stuffed it and sewed it shut.

Side by side comparison
I have to say that this was a very fun project to do and now I have to go dig up some of my daughters drawings so that I can convert them to fabric!