Friday, April 6, 2012

Life Cycle Butterfly Part 1

There will be 4 parts to this project. This first part is the start of the cycle with the eggs being laid on the leaves.

Materials Needed:

1 piece 11" x 17" green construction paper
green marker
tissue paper in white, yellow or light green

Fold the paper in half and then freehand draw a large leaf onto the paper. You will need a leaf for this part and for part two so I will cut both at the same time and save time and energy.

Cut out two leaves and place one off to the side. I folded the leaf in half lengthwise to make it a little more realistic.

Take your green marker and draw the leaf veins all over the leaf.

The final step is to take small squares of tissue paper and crumble them up into little balls. I used cheap, thin paper but harder to glue. Tissue paper is much easier to use and glue. Take the little balls "eggs" and glue them onto the leaf.

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