Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hibernating Bear - Update

I finally had a chance to take a picture of our big hibernating bear. I needed to do it quickly since we would be taking him down to make way for a next group of projects.
We had the kids paint large pieces of white butcher paper in brown, blue and black. After it was thoroughly dry, I cut out the cave shape (had to piece some parts together) and made the cave. The remainder of the paper was wadded up to make little boulders, and rocks.

To create the bear, I let the kids loose on white paper with brown paint. When that was dry, I sketched out a bear based on the Bear is Snoring book, added ears, eyes, nose and claws. I asked our parent helper to tape Mr. Bear onto the cave. There was a bit of a language barrier issue so she taped it on but didn't hide the tape. Whoops! My fault. Should have done a visual. Still turned out cute though.

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