Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Leprechauns and Lizards

I love creating a project for children and having them do their interpretation of what I am showing them! So many different looking little leprechauns!

They almost look like they are running or doing a jig!

One child asked where were their arms? I said that they were hiding under the beards!

Our iguanas turned out great! The kids colored their iguanas so differently and each had a unique personality. To display, I taped a large piece of white butcher paper to the wall and drew on some branches and a few leaves with black marker. I then let them loose on the paper with the big fat crayons! Kids love drawing on large pieces of paper. You could do paint but this had been a lot of work creating these projects and I needed something a little easier. When all the iguanas were dry, they were taped onto the paper branches! I think this may be my favorite project so far!

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