Saturday, March 10, 2012


As part of the reptile grouping, we will be making an iguana. This one is more complicated and can be used by many ages. The kids in our class will cut out the body (hope they get to keep the tail!) and we will cut the legs. Older kids with better cutting skills can cut their own feet.

Items needed:
Ink stampers in green, yellow, violet, brown
brown and green construction paper
tissue paper in green or brown
pen or pencil for tracing
1 medium googly eye

Getting started:

I have drawn a pretty easy body shape on a large sheet of construction paper and keeping fingers crossed the tails aren't completely cut off!

The first step is to stamp the body. It is easier to stamp before the cutting. Here I have stamped green first and then the yellow.

Next step is to stamp the brown and the violet. The colors go on dark but turn much lighter when dry. The inks dry pretty quickly.

Once dry, the kids will cut out the body. Adults will cut out the legs. I am planning on having the kids stamp this in the morning and get the legs cut before art time. In art class, they will assemble the iguana.

The legs are assembled with two on the backside and two on the front. I love their interpretations! The spiky back was created with the diecut machine at the main office. It is the grass border stamp. But you can create your own using pinking shears or any scissors that have the jagged edge. If those are not available, then just create an exaggerated jagged edge and use that instead.

Take a small square of tissue paper, I used green but brown would also work. Fold it to create lines. That's the goal but kids have their own ideas and that is fine too!

Glue the tissue to the piece under the neck.

Add the googly eye and hang up when dry! I am thinking of creating a large tree branch for these little guys to walk on! Can't wait to see what they create!

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