Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hibernating Bats

Another animal that hibernates is the bat. (Animal??) Anyway, it is something that hibernates and so I created this little guy for the kids to make.
Items needed:
Brown construction paper
1 clothespin
brown paint
two very small googly eyes

Earlier, I had the kids paint their clothespins brown and set them aside to dry. While the clothespins are drying, trace the bat shape onto brown construction paper. I made it a very simple bat shape so they could work on their scissor skills. They did a pretty good job.

Next step is to glue the clothespin onto the bat body. Now you want to make sure that that clip end is hanging out so that it will hang upside down from the clothesline. And then we glue on the eyeballs.

Final part is to bring the wings together in front and glue. I found it a little easier to do by squashing it down on either side, making a slight crease. The kids will need help with this part depending on their age. Our group is between ages 4 and 5.

Final step is to hang them upside down on the clothesline so they could sleep. The kids can't wait to take this project home!

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