Sunday, February 19, 2012

Polar Animal - Walrus

While looking for polar animals, I kept seeing the walrus. They are pretty cute! But I had to make them a little more simplified for our preschoolers.

Items needed:
brown, light brown or gray, and white construction paper
black marker
yarn (I had rug hooking yarn on hand in light yellow and pulled the strands apart to make four pieces)

This was another activity to help with cutting skills. We traced the body shape onto the brown paper and had the kids cut them out. We cut out the tusks, legs and the nose ahead of time and had the kids glue them on. Before adding the whiskers, they had to draw in the eyes, and the dots on the nose. The final step was to glue the whiskers in place.

The best part of this project was the facial expressions that the kids drew on. One had eyebrows and another looked angry! We used one of our bulletin boards and created a snowy backdrop and placed the walrus' all around. The kids really loved this project.

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