Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hibernating Bear

This last project was the bear hibernating in a cave. It can coincide with the "Bear Snores On" book by Karma Wilson. Check out her website for more info on this series of books at
This project was great for practicing simple scissor skills and following directions.
Items needed:
1 small sheet gray construction paper
1 small sheet black construction paper
1 sheet brown construction paper
1 small piece of paper each in light brown, white, black
black marker

First step is to draw a "cave" on the gray sheet of paper and one in black. (Use white or yellow colored pencil on the black paper to make it easier to see for cutting purposes)
Cut a small square of white paper and write "Do Not Disturb" inside the box.
Depending on your time, you can trace and cut out the bear or just trace and have the kids cut out. I based our bear shape loosely on the bear from the book to tie the two together. I drew in the arms and toe nails for the kids.
The final pieces are the black pieces for the ears, the light brown for the snout and the black oval for the nose. These were all cut out for the kids.

To assemble:
The children had to cut out the gray stone and glue on the do not disturb sign.

Next, they cut out the black stone or cave and glue the brown bear inside. Finally, they glue the insides of the ears, the snout and the black nose. The final step is the best. They have to draw the bears eyes and he is sleeping. Did we get some creative looking bears!

We stapled the tops together once the project was dry and hung them around the room.

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