Monday, February 13, 2012

Hibernating Raccoons

Recently one of the themes at the preschool was hibernating. Our room has been transformed into a hibernation station! Sshhhh. One of the animals that we found to hibernate was the raccoon. They are not true hibernators but they do technically fall into the hibernating group. This ended up being a two day project. For the first day, I put large sheets of paper on the tables for the kids to paint. I put brown, black and blue into the paint trays with the instructions to cover every last inch of the papers. Either we haven't been painting much, or the kids really wanted to paint that day! Almost every inch of the paper was covered on all four sheets! Wow!
After letting the paper dry overnight, I created a tree log for our critters to hang in. First step was a larger roundish circle for the end of the log, then folding the paper into a ruffled look, taper it to the side of the opening, to form the log itself. Left over scraps created the branch and I added leaves from construction paper to the branch.
Day two was the construction of the raccoon faces. The kids always want to glue the eyeballs on first which is a problem because the raccoons have masks! Crisis was averted several times! The kids loved putting the faces together and before the class the next day (and ample drying time) we taped them inside the log. I love the final finish of this project. The raccoons almost look like we looked inside their hiding place and woke them up!
I have created templates for this project but need to trace onto one sheet, scan and figure out how to post it on the page as a download if anyone is interested in making this project.

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